Due to the current COVID-19, Agape Homeschool will NOT be meeting for Fall 2020. Please check back later for updates.



  1. Can I drop off my children?
    We are NOT a drop off program. Parents are expected to be in the building. There are classes available for registered parents as well. We encourage you to give them a try. We also need parents to volunteer to ensure a smooth semester for all.

  2. What ages are allowed?
    Agape Homeschool is for children ages 2-18. However, there may be some semesters when we may not be offering classes for a specific age group.

  3. Is there a lunch break?
    The classes are 50 minutes long to allow change of classes, bathroom breaks or snacks. Some parents opt to take a lunch break by not taking a class during a particular time.

  4. Can my special needs child participate?
    When considering a class for your child of special needs, we encourage you to contact the class teacher to determine if it is a class in which your child can thrive, and if accommodations need to be made.

  5. Can my child take only one class?
    Yes. Your child can take as many or as few classes as you’d like.

  6. Is there a nursery for my baby?
    We do NOT have a nursery or childcare available.

  7. How long are the classes?
    The classes are 50 minutes long unless otherwise noted. This allows 10 minutes for students to get to their next class, and teachers time to pick up their belongings and allow for the next teacher to come in and set up for their class.

  8. Am I required to stay if I am not volunteering that day?
    Yes, even though you are not scheduled to volunteer, you must be on the property in the event that your child(ren) may need you. We cannot take responsibility for your child.

  9. When is payment due?
    Payment is due to the individual teachers BEFORE the first class. However, we encourage you to register as early as possible since space in the classrooms are limited and teachers need to plan accordingly and ensure they have enough supplies for their students. If you wait until the first day of class to register your child, you run the risk of your child not having supplies for the class since the teachers rely on the supply fee to purchase the supplies for your child.

  10. Is Agape Homeschool open to Non Christians?
    Agape Homeschool is open to everyone. However, we are a Christian Co-op. Our teachers abide by our Statement of Faith. References to the Bible are commonly made; and teachers may choose to open and/or close their classes in prayer.

  11. What is the facility fee for Fall 2017?
    The facility fee is $35 per family.